Solar Installation

We provide complete solar system installation including site prep, inverters, panels, racking, and more.

Invest in the future of your home or business with clean, renewable solar power. Eco Group can help you access financing and funding for an effective transition to eco-friendly energy today!

Home Solar Power Systems

The sun is shining brightly on us, and it's easier than ever to take advantage of this natural resource. The cost associated with solar power has been going down each year while the benefits keep piling up!

Effortlessly save money by harnessing energy from our own planet- if you live in Eau Claire or are thinking about moving there soon then I would highly recommend looking into what home installation options exist for your area today

Solar power is clean, pure energy harvested from the sun. It’s an effective way to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels that produce pollution in addition like coal natural gas , etc...

Advantages of Our Residential Solar Power Services

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Affordable five-star service
  • Free site assessments
  • Industry-leading warranties of up to 25 or 30 years on solar power systems
  • Selling only Tier 1-level products for your peace of mind
  • Answer your inquiries within one business day
  • Work with top solar brands like Enphase and Sol-Ark
  • A local, family-owned business
  • Wisconsin's number one solar installer and electrical contractor

Commercial Solar Panels and Installation

Solar power is the way forward! Commercial buildings and enterprises alike can benefit from solar panels in Eau Claire, Wi. With excellent reasons like lower energy bills for your company or an environmentally friendly approach that won't harm wildlife with its waste products; why wouldn’t you want them installed?

Let us tackle the complexities and details that go with commercial solar projects so you can reap the benefits:

  • A great return on investment
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Control on future energy bills
  • Increased property value
  • Affordable solar panels
  • Tax credits and bonus depreciation
  • A greener image that improves your brand
  • Support for the local economy
  • Highly reliable and low maintenance

Ag and Farm Solar Power Systems

We have the time, talent, and tools to cater to all your operation’s solar energy equipment, installation, and service needs. There are a number of advantages for farmers who power with solar:

  • The ability to monitor remote farms and fields
  • Collecting data on temperature, moisture, etc.
  • Reduced operating costs on things like exhaust fans for livestock and crop processing equipment
  • Tax savings (reduced tax burden)
  • Future-proofing your farm for the next generation
  • A low-maintenance, low-risk investment
  • Works with no input from you

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we got answers. Don't see what you are looking for? Just contact us today to get a more personalized answer.

What kind of warranty is available for new solar installation?

We offer a manufacturers' warranty that is specific to each component. For example, there is a 10-year warranty currently on the power inverters as well as a 25-30 year warranty for solar panels. We will be happy to review all current available warranties and guarantees during our site assessment.

What kind of rebates are there for solar?

Currently, there are rebates from both the federal and state government. Sometimes we also see that local energy companies offer incentives. Typically, financial incentives are given in the form of tax credit rebates which we advise you to discuss with a certified public accountant.

Does solar work in heavily wooded or shaded areas?

Yes, but the size of your solar power production unit (ie. panels) will need a larger surface to accept more energy. While this can be done, your return on your investment will take longer to breakeven.

Can I get solar installed on a condo or duplex?

Absolutely! We do not install on rental properties for renters, however, property owners can install solar power for any property type.

How long does it take to breakeven on a solar power system?

The average to breakeven is 8-12 years dependent on use case.

How much does a complete solar energy system cost?

While it is easy to understand that this is a loaded question as a 800 square foot home will cost less than 3,600 square foot home more often than not, we think that most of our clients are actually trying to get a general price range. The average price per kW in Wisconsin is currently $2.70. So, a 10kW system is estimated to cost $27,000 installed before current 30% federal tax credits or rebates.

80% of our solar installs fall between $22,00 to $35,000 per project.

What is the process of getting solar panels installed?

We begin your solar journey with a solar site assessment which includes a detailed solar analysis report blending existing data with the potential of your location. This usually takes a couple of hours for the assessment and a couple of days for the solar analysis report to be built.

Based on the solar analysis, we will discuss pricing based on your specific needs and come to an agreement on the total project scope. A 50% retainer is needed to begin your work which starts with the ordering of materials.

While we have a 25-point checklist of our post-solar sales process

Here are the highlights:

  • After your materials arrive to our office, we then schedule an installation day. Accessing your home is almost always needed, so we schedule your installation on a mutually beneficial day where you can allow us to enter your home or business.
  • Installation usually takes 10 days based on the size of your system.
  • After electrical and construction work is completed, final payment is made.
  • State and county inspections as well as commissioning are scheduled.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards are all accepted payment methods.

Can I get a list of referrals for your work?

We provide referral lists according to your service area and authorized information release from previous clients.

What is Eco Group's service area?

Our normal area of service is 50 miles of Eau Claire, WI, however, we do travel outside this area for solar and roof rejuvenation with added travel fees.

How long has Eco Group been around?

Eco Group was incorporated in February 2020.

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