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Can I get a list of referrals for your work?

We provide referral lists according to your service area and authorized information release from previous clients.

Can I get solar installed on a condo or duplex?

Absolutely! We do not install on rental properties for renters, however, property owners can install solar power for any property type.

Does solar work in heavily wooded or shaded areas?

Yes, but the size of your solar power production unit (ie. panels) will need a larger surface to accept more energy. While this can be done, your return on your investment will take longer to breakeven.

How long does it take to breakeven on a solar power system?

The average to breakeven is 8-12 years dependent on use case.

How long does roof rejuvenation take?

With our rejuvenation product, you'll be able to get the job done in just one application. Each application takes roughly 2-hours for the average roof size. Larger projects will require more time, but usually no more than a day.

This means no more time wasted on labor or money spent implementing costly measures for protection against environmental factors!

How long has Eco Group been around?

Eco Group was incorporated in February 2020.

How much does a complete solar energy system cost?

While it is easy to understand that this is a loaded question as a 800 square foot home will cost less than 3,600 square foot home more often than not, we think that most of our clients are actually trying to get a general price range. The average price per kW in Wisconsin is currently $2.70. So, a 10kW system is estimated to cost $27,000 installed before current 30% federal tax credits or rebates.

80% of our solar installs fall between $22,00 to $35,000 per project.

How much does roof rejuvenation cost?

You can get a lot of money saved by having your roof replaced with asphalt shingle treatment. The cost is around 20% less than if you were to do an entire re-roof, so it's definitely worth considering for any homeowner who has been thinking about getting new siding or windows soon!

The cost of a quality roofing system is more than $12,000 on average while rejuvenation treatment averages just under $2,500. Of course, the size and condition of your roof will adjust your personalized price point.

Contact us today to see how much money we can save you.

What are the weather requirements for roof rejuvenation?

Weather conditions must be dry, with the temperature above 36 degrees Fahrenheit, for roof rejuvenation to be applied successfully. These weather requirements allow the treatment to fully penetrate the shingles and soak into the asphalt.

This question is especially likely to come up in winter months and wet climates. While dry weather is required for applying roof rejuvenation, don’t worry if it rains an hour or more after the treatment. Depending on your climate, it can take 30 minutes to an hour for the treatment to soak in. The roof rejuvenation treatment will penetrate the shingles and fully soak into the asphalt within one hour, leaving your roof fully treated and protected from the elements. Once it has soaked into the asphalt tiles, the roof rejuvenation treatment cannot be washed away by rain.

Because our roof rejuvenation product is a water-based, all-natural saturant, the roof can even be slightly damp before treatment. We will examine the roof before application to make sure conditions are perfect for applying the treatment so that it will soak in and revive your roof. If the weather conditions do not allow for the treatment, we will schedule an appropriate time for your application.

What is Eco Group's service area?

Our normal area of service is 50 miles of Eau Claire, WI, however, we do travel outside this area for solar and roof rejuvenation with added travel fees.

What is roof rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation is a proven technique of applying soybean-based oil to shingles. More often than not, one application allows old roofs to lay flat and repel water just like new ones do!

What is the process of getting solar panels installed?

We begin your solar journey with a solar site assessment which includes a detailed solar analysis report blending existing data with the potential of your location. This usually takes a couple of hours for the assessment and a couple of days for the solar analysis report to be built.

Based on the solar analysis, we will discuss pricing based on your specific needs and come to an agreement on the total project scope. A 50% retainer is needed to begin your work which starts with the ordering of materials.

While we have a 25-point checklist of our post-solar sales process

Here are the highlights:

  • After your materials arrive to our office, we then schedule an installation day. Accessing your home is almost always needed, so we schedule your installation on a mutually beneficial day where you can allow us to enter your home or business.
  • Installation usually takes 10 days based on the size of your system.
  • After electrical and construction work is completed, final payment is made.
  • State and county inspections as well as commissioning are scheduled.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards are all accepted payment methods.

What kind of rebates are there for solar?

Currently, there are rebates from both the federal and state government. Sometimes we also see that local energy companies offer incentives. Typically, financial incentives are given in the form of tax credit rebates which we advise you to discuss with a certified public accountant.

What kind of warranty is available for new solar installation?

We offer a manufacturers' warranty that is specific to each component. For example, there is a 10-year warranty currently on the power inverters as well as a 25-30 year warranty for solar panels. We will be happy to review all current available warranties and guarantees during our site assessment.

What kind of warranty is available for roof rejuvenation?

We currently offer a 5-year transferrable warranty based on the roof's location.

When is roof rejuvenation needed?

In the long run, roof rejuvenation will help you avoid costly repairs for worn or damaged shingles and make your roof look like new again! Potential application use cases we have seen include:

  • Home sellers needing a roof to pass inspection and do not want to take on the financial burden of replacing the entire roof
  • Investment properties
  • Property managers such as apartment buildings, duplexes, etc. can maximize profits while still providing valuable protection to their investment
  • Old barns our outbuildings that are not planned on being kept for another 30 years

Of course, application of our roof rejuvenation product is only limited to your imagination. Any shingled roof can now have its life extended well beyond its initial use case.

Will roof rejuvenation affect my warranty?

You want your roof covered just as well as it covers your house. That’s why we offer our own 5-year warranty on our roof rejuvenation product. It’s also why shingle manufacturers cover their products.

Our treatment does not affect your shingle warranty.

So far we’ve had no indication that applying our USDA-approved solution to asphalt shingles will void or limit any sort of warranty in any way. In fact, we’ve never heard of a manufacturer's warranty claim being denied because our treatment was applied.

We take our commitment to covering your shingles seriously. We stand by our 5-year flexibility warranty. We also look into shingle manufacturer warranties to make sure your roof stays covered.

We have done the research for you to get the most informed warranty information available.

That’s not just hearsay. Our attorneys have researched major shingle manufacturers’ warranties and consulted with industry organizations on the matter as well.

When you get your shingles treated by us, you can extend the life of your roof.

We are so confident in our product that we offer our own warranty. In fact, our warranty is still valid even if your manufacturer’s warranty is (or becomes) void due to time or transfer restrictions. This is not a warranty against leaks from faulty installation or other damage sustained by the roof (hail, high winds).

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