Solar Analysis

Our solar analysis provides a detailed report explaining potential returns on your investment while identifying equipment needed.

What is a solar analysis?

A property solar analysis combines useful personalized information comparing current energy usage with potential cost-savings using various solar products.

Anyone seeking to go solar should get a solar analysis during their planning phase to help create a targeted budget, identify potential savings, predict future use increases based on lifestyle adjustments, and create a targeted shopping list of needed materials.

What's Included

The solar analyis that Eco Group provides is a detailed report looking into the past and the future to help create a custom solar power system that allows it to grow with your needs and use cases. Each portion of our analysis has a purpose that we exploit for your maximum benefit.

Analyze Current Electrical Usage

Customers are always looking for ways to cut costs. One way is by analyzing your current utilities, including usage and price per kW during peak times- this will help you understand where more efficiency can be found!

Detailed Shade Analysis

By providing a careful and thoughtful analysis of your property's shading conditions, we can identify the optimal solar array location on-site to meet both immediate needs as well as long term goals.

Array Structural Needs

When you add an electric car, your family grows in size and the business requires new energy sources it is important to consider how much of a difference solar can make. There are many potential designs for arrays that will help offset current and future projected usage based on what kind of lifestyle changes may be ahead.

A variety if innovative ways exist designed specifically ranges from home panel kits all way up through large scale commercial installations. So, no matter whether someone wants something simple like masking panels or complex, we have got you covered.

Estimated Return on Your Investment

We can provide you with an estimated return on your solar investment based off the regional savings that have happened in previous years. Our data is always evolving to ensure you are getting the most accurate estimate.

Rebates and Financial Incentives

Government incentives for solar power are widespread. This is because it's a clean, renewable energy source that doesn't harm the environment and can be used anywhere without fuel costs or noise pollution from traditional sources such as oil-based fossil fuels . In fact there may already be several government rebates available to help offset upfront investment in your new system!

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we got answers. Don't see what you are looking for? Just contact us today to get a more personalized answer.

What kind of rebates are there for solar?

Currently, there are rebates from both the federal and state government. Sometimes we also see that local energy companies offer incentives. Typically, financial incentives are given in the form of tax credit rebates which we advise you to discuss with a certified public accountant.

Does solar work in heavily wooded or shaded areas?

Yes, but the size of your solar power production unit (ie. panels) will need a larger surface to accept more energy. While this can be done, your return on your investment will take longer to breakeven.

Can I get solar installed on a condo or duplex?

Absolutely! We do not install on rental properties for renters, however, property owners can install solar power for any property type.

How long does it take to breakeven on a solar power system?

The average to breakeven is 8-12 years dependent on use case.

How much does a complete solar energy system cost?

While it is easy to understand that this is a loaded question as a 800 square foot home will cost less than 3,600 square foot home more often than not, we think that most of our clients are actually trying to get a general price range. The average price per kW in Wisconsin is currently $2.70. So, a 10kW system is estimated to cost $27,000 installed before current 30% federal tax credits or rebates.

80% of our solar installs fall between $22,00 to $35,000 per project.

What is the process of getting solar panels installed?

We begin your solar journey with a solar site assessment which includes a detailed solar analysis report blending existing data with the potential of your location. This usually takes a couple of hours for the assessment and a couple of days for the solar analysis report to be built.

Based on the solar analysis, we will discuss pricing based on your specific needs and come to an agreement on the total project scope. A 50% retainer is needed to begin your work which starts with the ordering of materials.

While we have a 25-point checklist of our post-solar sales process

Here are the highlights:

  • After your materials arrive to our office, we then schedule an installation day. Accessing your home is almost always needed, so we schedule your installation on a mutually beneficial day where you can allow us to enter your home or business.
  • Installation usually takes 10 days based on the size of your system.
  • After electrical and construction work is completed, final payment is made.
  • State and county inspections as well as commissioning are scheduled.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and credit cards are all accepted payment methods.

Can I get a list of referrals for your work?

We provide referral lists according to your service area and authorized information release from previous clients.

What is Eco Group's service area?

Our normal area of service is 50 miles of Eau Claire, WI, however, we do travel outside this area for solar and roof rejuvenation with added travel fees.

How long has Eco Group been around?

Eco Group was incorporated in February 2020.

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